I am firstly a wife and mum to 2 beautiful children Kaan born 2008 and Lila born 2009.
I love life and all of its wonderful possibilities.
I believe every Mum is a superstar no matter how she gives birth 
I have the utmost respect for my clients and treat them with the care and compassion that I would hope others would treat me with
I believe that the families I teach deserve and should be getting up to date information so that they can make informed choices
I put my heart into what I do and try and learn something new every day
I am passionate about my work and see it as a lifes calling and not just a job
I endeavor to always give my best to my clients and if I am unable to help then to refer to others who can
I have been studying and working for the past 20 years as I believe that you never stop learning
I am addicted to Lindt chocolate,good books and anything that makes me laugh
I have had the privilege of travelling to the most beautiful places and look forward to seeing more of the world


I qualified from Carinus Nursing College in 1997 with distinctions in Midwifery,Psychiatry,General Nursing and Community.
I have additional qualifications/courses in Perinatal Education,Counselling,Advanced C.P.R,Breastfeeding,Nursing Management and Palliative Care
I received a trophy for Excellence in Clinical Nursing upon Graduation
I have completed a BA degree in Communication Science and Psychology and a BSc (Hons)Psychology
I am a South African Certified Lactation Specialist (Wits) S.A.C.L.C
I am an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Specialist  I.B.C.L.C