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3 Jan, 2018

Relactation | Can you breastfeed your weaned baby again?

Can you stimulate your milk supply after you stop breastfeeding, or induce lactation as an adoptive mother? Charlene Yared-West explores relactation. What is relactation? According to Leana Habeck, a breastfeeding consultant and La Leche League leader, there is a difference between relactation and induced lactation. “Relactation is about re-establishing milk secretion after weaning your baby […]

23 Oct, 2017

Does Breastfeeding Matter?

I’ve noticed a burst of blogs and articles lately seeming to rubbish breastfeeding evidence, claiming equivalency of breast and formula milk, decrying any benefits of breastfeeding or risks of formula feeding, and defending formula as merely a choice, rather than a health dilemma. I’ve been pondering the correct response to this for some time. I […]

15 Jul, 2017

Breastfeeding after a bilateral mastectomy

Can I breastfeed after a Bilateral Mastectomy? Yes, if you have had a breast and nipple reconstruction on at least one breast. Not only is it possible in this case, but it can be emotionally beneficial. Although a bilateral mastectomy means that you will have no breast tissue to produce milk, there is a device called […]

24 May, 2017

Exclusive Breastfeeding for 6 Months and Beyond

South Africa has the lowest rate of exclusive breastfeeding in the world (8%). Lack of understanding of the critical importance of breastfeeding, compounded by fears of HIV transmission, among other factors, has hindered progress to promote and support breastfeeding in this country. The Tshwane Declaration of Support for Breastfeeding in South Africa committed them and […]