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24 Mar, 2020

Tory Madden

I can’t recommend Emma strongly enough. She has deep knowledge, broad experience, and truly cares about people. She has helped me through several difficulties with breastfeeding and also supported me as a new mother by bringing her midwifery experience to our conversations. She understands that many breastfeeding issues need to be sorted out promptly and […]

15 Jul, 2017

Breastfeeding after a bilateral mastectomy

Can I breastfeed after a Bilateral Mastectomy? Yes, if you have had a breast and nipple reconstruction on at least one breast. Not only is it possible in this case, but it can be emotionally beneficial. Although a bilateral mastectomy means that you will have no breast tissue to produce milk, there is a device called […]

30 Jul, 2016

Lesley P.

When my son was 8 weeks old he got bronchiolitus, and drank very little milk as a result. I didn’t consider how this would affect my milk supply, being so focused on him getting better. When he recovered, and I didn’t seem to have enough milk for him, I really panicked. It’s difficult to describe […]

30 Jul, 2016

Chantal D.

I honestly feel that I owe a huge part of my success in breastfeeding my twins to Emma. She helped us in so many ways, words can’t begin to describe how grateful we are. My milk was very delayed coming in and without her support I am sure my babies would’ve been admitted to hospital […]