COVID-19 Announcement: Dear Current & Prospective clients – my services are still available during lockdown and I continue to offer breastfeeding consultations, information and advice via video conference. I am also able to provide antenatal classes via video conferencing. Please email me on or whatsapp/phone 083-455-8338.

What clients are saying:

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Emma is an inspiration and I truly believe that more moms would have far more positive and successful and beautiful breastfeeding relationships if Emma was a part of their journey.
Jorja Jagger Scott
Emma, words cannot explain how much of a role you have played in my life during this experience. The support you have given me has made the journey all that much more doable and the encouragement  means so much.
Jade Davies
Emmagave gave me the support, encouragement and positivity. My son is now 16 months and I am still breastfeeding, and so HUGELY grateful to Emma for seeing me through that dark time with professionalism and care.
Lesley Palmers