PLEASE NOTE : Programme details subject to change.

08h30-09h00 – Registration/Tea

09h00-09h15 – Welcome

09h15-10h00 – Dr Tanya Kinvig: Can the Thyroid really effect Breastfeeding. Do hormones Matter?

10h00-10h45 – Linda Lewis: Post Natal Depression and Breastfeeding.Is it possible?

10h45-11h15 – Tea

11h15-12h00 – Dr Murray Solomon: Tongue Ties.To snip or not to snip?

12h00-12h30 – Deidre Lindeque: Can Diabetic Mums successfully Breastfeed? What do we need to know?

12h30-13h30 – Lunch

13h30-14h15 – Dr Claudia Gray:Allergies in the Breastfed baby.On the increase?or just overdiagnosed

14h15-14h25 – Milk Matters video/short break

14h25-16h00 – Jean Ridler:Low Milk supply.Real or Perceived?

Heather Wood

Emma Numanoglu

16h00-16h15 – Questions to the Panel

16h15-16h30 – Closing and Lucky Draw


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