Dear Emma – We are still on this journey with you, I wanted to take a minute to pause and express our sincere thanks and gratitude to you. There are truly no words to describe how lovely it has been to have you on our team. The sense of calm, security and confidence you bring to each meeting or conversation we have is always exactly what I need. Honestly, I do not know how anyone does this breast feeding journey without you and I can safely say that you are by far the best decision that we have ever made in our pregnancy to birth story.
Having had a reduction a few years back, I did not have the confidence going into this or even that I may be able to breast feed at all. It’s still up and down, but your constant care and check in’s keep us going. We are so grateful for your hospital visit on day 2 which was a total game changer in the whole latch process as we were not winning at the hospital and when I look back at the entire  journey – you have been our biggest blessing. No question too big or small and always treated with such care and so timeously. I truly wish we had met you earlier in our journey so we could have done antenatal with you 🙂
There are genuinely not enough words to describe your kindness and supportive nature – but I will say that you do change lives! You help make the impossible possible and provide guidance for the un- imaginable.
I think there is a lot to be said when pre birth 4 friends who have recently had babies send you a lactation consultants number saying “just do yourself a favour and save this number now”. It is only when one meets you – do they realize why!
So for anyone reading this – Emma is the birthing gift you need to gift yourself – simply because this is one of those gifts you do not know you need, till you need it.
With love and gratitude.
Anita and Hilton
Anita Sales, Breastfeeding Mom