Breastfeeding Consultation

Early Breastfeeding Support for Success

Many moms hesitate to get professional help for breastfeeding, until their difficulties have escalated. If addressed early, small problems do not become breastfeeding roadblocks. With my complete lactation care package, I provide anticipatory guidance and early assistance, allowing mom and baby to have a smoother postpartum breastfeeding experience.

The complete lactation care package is an excellent baby shower gift and includes:

A prenatal breastfeeding consult in your home or at my clinic. I will answer any questions you have about breastfeeding and cover all the information in my prenatal breastfeeding class. Additionally, I will provide information to address any physical or anatomical issues that could influence breastfeeding.

A postnatal home-visit consult to address any breastfeeding difficulties or questions.

On-going support by phone or e-mail.

The Lactation Consultation home visit lasts about 1-1.5 hours and includes:

  • Assembling a thorough health history about you and your baby
  • Listening to your concerns about breastfeeding
  • A pre and post-feed weighing to determine intake (if necessary)
  • A physical assessment, of mom and baby, that focuses on any issues that may affect breastfeeding
  • Observation of a complete feed
  • Instruction on latch, positioning, hand expression, electric pump use and milk storage, if needed
  • Provision of printed handouts that address breastfeeding issues
  • Development of a care plan designed to meet your personal breastfeeding goals—I will help you to develop an individualized plan that works for your specific needs and lifestyle
  • A comprehensive report that will be sent to your health care provider if needed
  • Follow-up phone or e-mail consultation (included in initial fee) or return visits (extra fees) if necessary
  • A commitment to continued follow-up until you are satisfied with your breastfeeding relationship


Payment can be cash or EFT on the day.

I will provide you with a receipt for your Medical Aid and you can try and claim back.