Pregnancy Awareness Week 2018

This talk, given at Vincent Pallotti Hospital, was focused on debunking common myths people have about breastfeeding, such as food groups that people believe need to be cut out of the diet while breastfeeding.

Tips covered and myths busted were

  • Specific food groups (gluten) don’t need to be cut out of your diet during breastfeeding unless proven to be medically necessary
  • There is scientific evidence that supports the use of cabbage leaves for breast engorgement
  • The popular “Jungle Juice” recipe for breastfeeding isn’t helpful to increase milk supply
  • Perfecting the baby’s latch is the only way to ensure you baby is receiving enough milk
  • Expressing milk will help increase supply


Read a full review by Charlene Yared West of the talks given here.

Breastfeeding Advocacy and  Communication at the

Department of Health 2017

“We reached over a hundred community workers with our Hands and Hearts That Help breastfeeding seminar. We were the first ever to have a live broadcast segment on the DoH Facebook page. We had expert speakers from DoH and SACLC sharing on a range of relevant topics and we had a fabulous MC for the day. We are so grateful for our beautiful venue and that everything was able to run seamlessly. I had the privilege of talking about the breastfeeding peer counsellor project that is run through Etafeni – I was in my absolute element 🙂 I looooove my job! Thank you to everyone who made this day the huge success that it was <3. A special mention to Verona Witbooi my Nutrition Coordinator for the substructure, to Emma Numanoglu, my SACLC mentor, to everyone from Etafeni who came through to support us and to the team of extraordinary dietitians from the KMP substructure.” by Theresa O’ Gorman

Midwifery & Birth Conference Speaker

Emma Numanolgu spoke eloquently on her work with breastfeeding in the private sector. (Midwifery & Birth Conference 2014)