I am writing this to try and explain how Emma changed my life. From the moment my husband and I decided we wanted to have children I knew that I wanted to breastfeed. As a scientist I had a basic understanding but craved knowing all the finer details and began to research everything I could about breastfeeding. It was the most fascinating and mind blowing process. Once I was pregnant I spent some time googling lactation consultants and Emma’s name came up everywhere so I made contact with her. We met when I was about 6 months pregnant as I wanted to be armed with as much information as possible so I was prepared for every possible situation. Emma was… well just Emma. Warm, gentle and so kind. She explained everything to me in the most perfect and delicate way and yet I left there feeling like I was part of this powerful warrior group of women who was going to develop a superpower. Emma came to the hospital the day after my daughter was born. I had asked her to pop by to check on Layla’s latch and my positioning. I was so nervous but she arrived and everything felt ok! She gave me some pointers and just sat and watched as I fell into this new role. I joined Emma at her home every week for her mom’s teas, which were the greatest times of comfort as she checked on our little one’s weights and held them while we (the tired moms) had a chance to chat and drink tea and eat cake (yes! Cake!!). I looked so so forward to these weekly sessions at Emma’s house.
Emma was (and still is – 2 years down the line) always available for help and always so calm and gentle in her approach to everything.
My little one is a feisty, adventurous, healthy and independent little tiger of 2 and I attribute a lot of her strength to the amazing head start she had through my supported breastfeeding journey. Emma is an inspiration and I truly believe that more moms would have far more positive and successful and beautiful breastfeeding relationships if Emma was a part of their journey. Emma has inspired me to start my journey to becoming a lactation consultant because I have realised how much her gentle guidance shaped my breastfeeding success. Thank you Emma. Xx