Thank you SO much Emma! Both Fynn and I are so immensely grateful to you for helping us, and helping us again, and helping us again to stick with breastfeeding! And we all  know that I struggled with almost everything that could go wrong with breastfeeding! But luckily, thanks to your ever optimistic approach, positive energy and continual encouragement, we managed to get through it all .. and now, six months down the line, Fynn is a healthy, chubby baby who has never tasted formula! Thank you for just always being available, making the time and giving such sound, sensible advice! Right from the start, with your pre-natal classes, we just could relate to your easy-going, fun, friendly and “down-to-earth” manner. Your classes were great and I am so glad I found you to be able to help with the breastfeeding challenges later on. Thank you Thank you Thank you Emma!!!